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Welcome to the baby food recipies site!

Cooking and eating good food has always been one of the most important lessons to teach our kids. On this site I've tried to assemble some of parent's favorite baby food recipies, both so babies can enjoy them and everyone can use them and share them. I've also included some cooking tips I've learned through the years, and links to other baby sites that you will enjoy.

Making your own baby food is simple, convenient, and can save you money. Nutritionally, it's hard to beat the wholesomeness of foods right from your kitchen. You can feed baby some of your family's regular foods knowing that they are free from the additives and fillers found in some store-bought baby foods. Family foods, if prepared with salt, spices, sugar, or fat, are not suitable for infants. You will need to prepare foods separately, or remove the baby's portion before salt, sugar, or other seasonings are added. Making your own baby food doesn't require a lot of expensive equipment. At a minimum, all you need to get started is a clean pot to cook in and a blender or mixer to get the foods to the right consistency.

Most pediatricians suggest sticking to the basics (cereal, vegetables, and fruits) until the 7th month. However, I would suggest that you talk to your pediatrician to see what he/she recomends. You could discuss it during your next visit, or call and ask. You may even like to print out our recipes to take with you so you can ask which would be okay to feed your baby now.

Please use as many organic fruits and vegetables as you can when making baby food. Fruits and vegetables not labled as organic will have levels of pesticides and other unwanted chemicals that babies shouldn't eat. Organic produce is farmed without processed chemicals and has improved vitamin and mineral content.

Why should you make baby food?

Many of the processed baby foods today contain a high amount of water. The combination dinners with meat also contain very little meat. About a teaspoon. This is why it is a good idea to make your own baby food, besides saving money and knowing exactly what you are feeding your baby.

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